UNNA LIVING is the arm of the UNNA Family that focuses exclusively on luxury property sales. A team of experienced property specialists dedicated to ensuring the entire journey from discovery to purchase is easy and informative. We call this the UNNA LIVING EXPERIENCE. If you are considering making Barbados your home we welcome you to reach out to one of our friendly professionals who always listen and respect your time.






Renowned as Barbados’ largest, and certainly one of the most successful builders and developers of luxury resort properties, the JADA Group and Bjerkhamn Associated Ltd have played a pivotal role in reshaping and redefining luxury real estate in the Caribbean.

Committed to a vision of combining opulence with outstanding location and complimentary creature comforts, our parent companies have managed to create an authentic product that has been coveted by discerning investors and customers for more than forty years. This ethos has been at the heart of many notable developments including Port St. Charles, Schooner Bay, Coral Cove, Heron Court, Sandals, Portico, Sapphire Beach and most recently the beautiful Saint Peter’s Bay and Port Ferdinand Luxury Marina.

The success JADA Group has enjoyed over the years can be attributed, in part, to its sales strategy of outsourcing the sales of their resort residences and homes to third party realtors. However, when the recession hit in 2007 property sales slowed dramatically in Barbados, and it was time to revisit the sales model.

Instead of following the trend to drop prices and compete for scarce buyers, these forward-thinking developers knew it was important to preserve price points for their existing investors. While other resorts were cutting expenditures, UNNA continued to add and improve, focusing on amenities, experiences and services to win the hearts of the economically nervous buyer.

This renewed approach ushered in the conceptualization of the UNNA brand, a dedicated branch of the JADA Group specializing in luxury resort management, luxury property management and luxury property sales. UNNA, which now comprises UNNA Living and UNNA Luxury Resorts & Residences, is positioned as a leader in luxury properties with an innovative, pragmatic and results-driven approach to resort-style living.





Mr. Bjorn Bjerkhamn, Chairman of the JADA Group, is an accomplished builder and developer with over 50 years’ experience. He currently holds the position of chairman in more than eighteen companies within the Group along with other external businesses, generating employment in Barbados for an estimated 3,500 persons. A prominent leader and visionary, Mr. Bjerkhamn’s vast diversity of experience and depth of knowledge in the construction industry is fortified through the many successes he has contributed towards the JADA Group. In a public capacity, Mr. Bjerkhamn serves as a non-executive director of the Central Bank of Barbados on appointment by the Minister of Finance and was awarded the Silver Crown of Merit by the Government of Barbados for his national contributions and meritorious service.


Mr. Philip Tempro, JADA Group CEO and Managing Director, is the daily driving force to the organization’s management and operations. Mr. Tempro holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from the Florida Institute of Technology and has amassed a wealth of experience in the construction industry. He has spearheaded more than a dozen successful companies and completed double the amount in major construction projects. Leading the company for more than twenty years, Mr. Tempro takes a hands-on approach to ensuring each project is completed to exceed the expectations of each and every client, large or small, and has a reputation for delivering his projects on time and within budget.


Mr. Bernard Sarme manages and oversees UNNA Resorts as the Group General Manager. Since joining the company in 2016, he has been instrumental in positioning UNNA as a leader in the luxury residential and holiday rental market. Bernard has gained his wealth of knowledge and experience working in the property development and hospitality industry globally, with a distinct focus on the Caribbean market. Mr. Sarme has worked with several resorts in St. Maarten, as well as Anguilla, French Polynesia, Cayman Islands (where he was Chairman of the Marketing Committee for the islands, on the board of the CHA and Hotelier of the Year), Bahamas and Bermuda. Undoubtedly, his understanding of the intricacies associated with successfully operating luxury residential resorts paired with his past achievements will be invaluable to the further development and recognition of the UNNA brand throughout the world.





Tristan Blades

Property Sales Manager

Tristan Blades holds a BA in Administrative and Commercial studies (Western University, Canada), a postgraduate diploma in International Business (Canada) and she started her Masters degree in Business at Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan. For eight years she worked in customer sales and service for Craft Originators Incorporated, a division of the Tsuchiya Corporation. In 2004 she began working with the JADA group and Bjerkhamn Associates as executive secretary before moving to the position of development coordinator. Tristan left JADA in 2010 to work as development coordinator with Millennium Investments Ltd. (The Crane Resort) and joined their sales team in 2011. In 2013, she was promoted to sales manager where she led her team to the successful launch and subsequent sale of 75% of the first 2 phases of The Crane Private Residences. Tristan returned to the JADA family in July 2016 as Sales Manager for UNNA Living.


Nicole Gibson

Property Specialist

Nicole Gibson holds an Associate’s degree in Food & Beverage and a BA in Hospitality Management from Johnson & Wales in Providence, Rhode Island. After working in the United States for 3 years she returned to Barbados to work with Crane Resorts setting up their reservations department and it was there that she was introduced to the world of sales. She never looked back. Nicole went on to work with Fairmont, Royal Westmoreland and Bajan Services which all contributed to her wealth of experience in the Barbados luxury real estate market. In 2013, she brought that invaluable knowledge base to UNNA Living where she remains a key member of the sales team.


Sassie Stears

Property Sales Marketing Coordinator

Sassie Stears possesses over 20 years’ experience in sales and marketing having held previous positions as the co-publisher, managing editor and director of sales and marketing for “Signature Barbados”, the well-renowned local lifestyle magazine; “The Caribbean Architect”, a multilingual regional trade publication; and a variety of other publishing related projects. Her earlier work experience includes ten years working in the airline industry; three years managing a wine bar on the West Coast of Barbados; and then managing the office of a Canadian offshore shipping company. More recently she worked in the Barbados real estate fraternity at Island Villas and also The Crane Resort. She joined the UNNA Living family in 2016 and in her position as Property Sales Marketing Coordinator she is working to develop and implement the marketing strategies that will take sales of the UNNA properties to the next level.



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