Welcome to the Caribbean Coast of Barbados

On the northwest shore of Barbados is a stretch of powdery white sandy beach known as The Platinum Coast. It is here where the Caribbean Sea meets Barbados. Where authenticity meets sophistication. Where the sun shines down on world-class marinas and world-renown beaches. And, it’s where you’ll find the sister resort communities of Port Ferdinand and Saint Peter’s Bay.

A Balanced Lifestyle

With a shared vision, geography and hospitality team, Port Ferdinand and Saint Peter’s Bay are connected on a transcendental level as well as a physical one. Owners and guests may move between these two properties as if they were one. Water taxis ferry you back and forth on the Caribbean Sea in order to optimize your island adventure! You are equally welcome at both resorts. And balance is achieved.

Experiences of a Lifetime

Within the fabled island of Barbados lies a world of adventure, all at your doorstep. Yachting. Fishing. Cave exploration. Polo matches. Cricket matches. Music festivals. And as an owner or guest at Port Ferdinand and Saint Peter’s Bay, you can let our team tailor those adventures to be the most memorable experiences you’ll ever have. Free your imagination and let your lifelong dreams be realized!