Fun for the Whole Family

Both Port Ferdinand and Saint Peter’s Bay are designed to be places where families can get away and come together. There’s always so much for you to do and discover as a family. Whether you take to the sea, jump in a pool or stroll on one of the world’s most perfect beaches, every moment will be meaningful, and every memory will last forever.


Ideally situated in the centre of the marina, the Pool Island at Port Ferdinand is a great place to soak in the sunshine in a lounge chair or take a leisurely swim in the pool. In addition, the winding, lagoon style pool at Saint Peter’s Bay provides guests with beachfront views and an added element of adventure.

Kids Play Centres

From arts and crafts to indoor and outdoor parks, or even to sea turtle education, there’s always something going on to engage the children’s minds, bodies and souls. Offering adult supervision and leadership, our various kids play centres allow the whole family to engage in their favorite activities before coming together to share their stories of adventure.

Adult Recreation Centre

Port Ferdinand offers a comfortable lounge for adults to play classic games, such as darts, board games, pool, cards and dominoes.

Golf Simulator

Play some of the world’s most renowned and challenging golf courses without ever leaving the island, thanks to the amazing technology and virtual design of our Golf Simulator. You have a variety of courses to choose from, including a number of major tournament hosts, and golf club rental is available.