FORBES / Lifestyle: 20 October 2015 – by Baz Dreisinger

Waking up one morning in a palatial three-bedroom abode in Port Ferdinand, Barbados, I found the view deliciously mind-boggling. From the grand oceanfront terrace, there was electric-blue Caribbean sea, a 120-berth marina and lustrous white yachts.


But the windows on the other side of my unit told an altogether different tale: Here were simple chattel houses and far-off sugarcane fields swaying in the breeze—a typical snapshot, in other words, of rural Barbados. Humble or haughty? Depends which side I peered from.

“Yep, sounds like Barbados,” affirmed Randy, an affable bartender at the resort, when I shared my observation. “We got plenty of both, that’s for true.”


Forbes Oct 2015