Planning your family getaway to Barbados? Family trips can sometimes be stressful to plan, so Port Ferdinand in Barbados has put together a list of family friendly activities on the island that you are sure to enjoy!

Catamaran Cruise

One very popular activity for families is catamaran cruising. There are several catamarans to choose from. Sail on the island’s West Coast and take in the picturesque scenery with your family. Day cruises include exciting snorkeling on the reefs and swimming with turtles and fish. During the lunch stops, you feast on delectable Barbadian cuisine, followed by another swim in the beautiful water. You can dance all the way as catamarans usually have selections of music to keep you moving. This is a family outing that you will remember for years to come.

Island Safari

Island Safari’s Adventure Safari will take you on a tour off the beaten track and show you Barbados like you’ve never seen it before in a 4×4 jeep! The tour will take you through gullies, show you the best coastal views and make stops at several points of interest, while giving an entertaining and educational history of the island. An island safari tour is guaranteed fun for the entire family.

Atlantis Submarine

Discover the underwater world of Barbados during an Atlantis Submarine tour.  Your family can view marine life which is typically unseen. You will be astonished by the beautiful shipwrecks, reefs and their many colourful and interesting inhabitants. This is usually a family favourite.

Harrison’s Cave

Harrison’s Cave is one of the most visited attractions on the whole island of Barbados. There are several tours of the cave, but the most popular is the tour in an electric tram. Expert tour guides take you on an informative tour through the crystallized limestone cavern. Here you view stalactites and stalagmites, flowing streams and much more and the entire family will be astounded by the intricate work of mother nature.

Wildlife Reserve

Wildlife Reserve is perfect for a family of animal lovers. Here, you walk through the Reserve at your own pace and see the animals as they walk around freely. This is a front row seat to these animals in their natural habitats. A few animals such as snakes can be viewed in cages. A popular attraction is the Barbados Green Monkey, especially around feeding time, when they all appear to have a bite. During this time, the monkeys are joined by several other animals who also partake in the feeding session. Some of these other animals you will be seeing include parrots, flamingoes, iguanas and turtles, just to name a few. Being up close with all the animals will be a memorable experience for the family.

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