Freediving in Barbados

Explore the turquoise waters on one breath with freediving!



bados is know for its pristine clear waters, take a chance and add to your skill set or if you’ve never gone diving, this is a great way to appreciate the ocean. Whether you are going down 15ft (5 meters) 50 ft (15 meters) or well beyond, move like a fish and enjoy nature in it’s purest way. Look for local training centers in the area and indulge in this rare aquatic opportunity.

Freediving is a unique underwater technique where a diver relies on their own breath not the assistance of a breathing apparatus. Perfect for divers looking to diversifying their experiences, ocean lovers, people looking for fun, or an exciting vacation activity. Eliminating the equipment allows for a quiet natural dive while you witness ocean splendor and take in amazing underwater amazing views. Gain a sense of relaxation, equalization, and confidence in the water while engaging in new adventures and uncovering hidden worlds.