How to Choose the Best New Year's ResolutionsThe New Year is right around the corner, time to set your intentions for 2017! Make sure you stay on the wagon with these tried-and-true tips to reaching your resolutions. First, pick something that excites you. This sound easy but it can be difficult, so dig deep and select a realistic achievement. Instead of saying “lose weight”,  swap it with “join a running club” or “take ballroom dancing”. These small linguistic changes are more specific ways to reach your destination. Second, create a master plan. Analyze your current schedule and make room for your new resolution. For instance, you may need to schedule an hour into your day to achieve it, such as early morning yoga. Third, keep your eye on the prize. Using a vision boards or even post-it notes to remind yourself will help you mentally incorporate it into your life. Lastly, reward yourself. This is the most fun of them all. You can do it monthly or quarterly with some pampering like a pedicure or a therapeutic massage. This will help keep you on track and make reaching your goals a rejuvenating and energizing activity. Now get out there and make it happen!