If your idea of vacation means truly getting away and experiencing the island like a local, we have five Barbados gems that are certainly off the beaten path. Whether you’re travelling solo or with your family, these small intimate locations will expand your culinary experience and allow you to slip away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


Martin’s Bay 


Situated on the East Coast of Barbados, Martin’s Bay is one of St. John’s best-kept secrets. The bay offers picturesque views of the coast with cool breezes and dramatic rock formations typical of the East Coast. With several small inlets that create small pools, Martin’s Bay is perfect for those just wanting to soak while the rocky nature of the bay also makes it an ideal spot for local lobster fishermen and hikers who climb onto the cliffs that overlook the coast and trek along the old train line to Bath Beach. Another part of its charm – Martin’s Bay also serves as a vibrant fishing village and local hangout spot. Many visitors and locals frequent the nearby Bay Tavern restaurant for their popular Thursday seafood lime with a range of specialty dishes including freshly netted fish and lobster.




Known for its spectacular weekend fish fry, Moontown is a quaint, unassuming village in St. Lucy that becomes a hive of activity in the evening with dancing and karaoke. If you are visiting Barbados and seeking to emerge in the local culture and cuisine, the welcoming atmosphere of Moontown is a great place to add to your list. Within the village, you’ll find Merton’s Place to be a great lunch spot where you can pick your choice of fresh seafood from the nearby fishing village served with Bajan dishes such as macaroni pie and roasted breadfruit. Just next door at St. Elmo’s drinks flow through the night and you’ll enjoy drinking a cold beer or trying local rum at this rum shop overlooking the beach.


Cutters of Barbados 


If you’ve never had a Bajan cutter you’ll definitely want to head over to Cutters of Barbados to try these simple by delightful sandwiches made with a sort of penny bun known as “Bajan salt bread’. The flying fish cutter is a classic but you can also try grilled chicken or roast pork paired with mac and cheese and of course, Cutters’ award-winning Very Special Rum Punch is not to be skipped. Apart from the savoury menu, Cutters’ charming location blends indoor and outdoor dining making it the perfect casual spot for socializing. Not to mention, the nearby Crane beach is worth the stop either going to or leaving Cutters.


Peg Farm & Nature Reserve 


If you are an animal lover, nature enthusiast, or a family with young kids, a trip to Peg Farm & Nature Reserve is definitely worthwhile. The 108-acre plantation is home to a variety of locally-grown produce and livestock with several sustainable features including fresh fruit orchards, kitchen gardens, and evergreen forest. The Reserve hosts several informative tours of its grounds three times daily – at 6 am, 9 am, and 3 pm, where you can interact with the animals, learn about the plant life and take in the lush vegetation that rolls off the 1000-foot-tall cliffs. As you explore the reserve, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the breathtaking view of the east from the famous Hackleton’s Cliff. Complete the day at The Farm House Café where you can enjoy refreshing, locally made juices with seasonal fruits found around the island and the most delicious farm-to-table meals.


Surfer’s Bay Beach Bar 

Surfer’s Bay Beach Bar and Restaurant, as its name suggests, is located within the tranquil windsurfing and kiteboarding region of the island along the island’s South Coast. The cozy, unpretentious hideaway is steeped in rustic charm with a picturesque background of lawns and gardens looking out to the Atlantic Ocean. In the winter season, the unmissable Sunday night dining experience is amplified by bonfires and live entertainment including local reggae bands and guitarists. If you’re a seeking laidback and low-key atmosphere, Surfer’s Bay is the perfect place to grab a pub-style meal and enjoy lazy evenings in the cool breeze.


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