Barbados is known around the world as the birthplace of rum, and a significant piece of the rich culture and history of the Barbados rum heritage is its rum shop. It is estimated that there are over 1500 rum shops spread across the island with at least one in every village. If you are a lover of authentic Barbados rum, a fan of good food and seeking that authentic local experience then you’ll need to visit your nearest rum shop.

Traditional rum shops were once only tiny bars attached to the owner’s house while serving a small village, but in modern times many have evolved into sponsor branded bars attracting the patronage of many from across the country. The best times to go if you want to mingle with the locals are evenings and weekends. When you go, you’ll be greeted with the sounds of vibrant chatter and the praises of patrons, who undoubtedly, would be enjoying a good bottle of rum while discussing cricket or the hot social topic of the day.

Here’s a neat list we compiled to make it easy for you as you go rum shop hopping in Speightstown.

Fisherman’s Pub – Queen Street, Speightstown, St Peter.

Known for its exceptionally delicious and affordable Bajan food, this rum shop boasts panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea and some of the best live music with cool “vibes” you can find around. Join the chatter and have a beer, you’ll feel right at home. 

Little Bristol Beach Bar – Queen Street Speightstown, St. Peter

Enjoy undeniably great cocktails with your tasty meals in a relaxed and charming environment with incredible service. Stay connected with free Wi-Fi as you enjoy the sounds of live music while overlooking the dancing ripples of the Caribbean Sea. 

One Eleven East Beach Bar – Queen Street Speightstown, St. Peter

Boasting a laidback atmosphere with awesome décor, this chilled spot is the place to be to enjoy paddle boarding in the afternoon. Catch the sunset with a glass of your favorite rum or cocktail, with great food, and friendly staff.

Stanley’s Sports Bar and Restaurant – Queens Street, Speightstown, St. Peter

A great place to go when you want to unwind, catch up on Premier League Games, and have a few rounds of your favorite beer. You have the option of breakfast or you can feast on a delicious selection from their all-day menu.