Barbados is romance. With so many activities for couples to enjoy, we’ve chosen our top 5 most romantic places on the island to help you plan your Barbados getaway!

Sunset Strolls on the Beach

Barbados boasts spectacular sunsets daily that can truly take your breath away. A stroll along the beach at sunset can be very romantic. Taking in an idyllic sunset with your partner can set the tone for the remainder of the evening. Some of the recommended places to watch the sun set are the Boardwalk on the south coast, Batts Rock Beach and Nikki Beach.

Picnic at Scenic Bathsheba

A romantic picnic is always a good idea. You can pack a basket with your favourite picnic foods and wine and enjoy a day at the popular picnic spot Bathsheba. Pick your favourite spot for you and your love and enjoy a relaxing day on a blanket surrounded by nature with sight and sound of the ocean in the background. Although this spot is popular, it is never crowded and makes a wonderful choice for a romantic day out.

Take in Nature at Animal Flower Cave

Animal Flower Cave is located approximately 20 minutes away from Port Ferdinand, to the north of the island. The scenic location is the only accessible sea cave in Barbados. Nature loving couples can tour the actual cave and swim in the natural “swimming pool” depending on the tide, while taking in some uniquely beautiful views. You’ll also be able to see the sea anemones or “animal flowers”, which the cave is named after. On the outside of the cave, on a cliff, you can take in dramatic views of where the Atlantic and Caribbean ocean meet. The combination of the outdoors, the island breezes and the overall picturesque setting, makes this a truly romantic location. There have been many proposals and even weddings here!

Enjoy an Intimate Oceanfront Dinner

As an island, Barbados is surrounded by water and there are few things more romantic than an oceanfront dinner. This can be a special occasion where you dress your best and have a wonderful night in your partner’s company. Perfect restaurants to enjoy oceanfront dining are The Cliff and Primo Restaurant and for beachfront dining are The Tides and Cin Cin, just to name a few. If you wish to dine at the edge of the marina, Dockside at 13º/59º at Port Ferdinand is ideal. Enjoy good food, the perfect ambiance and great company at dinner. Don’t forget to order your favourite wine!

Relax in an Island Spa

If you really want to relax, there is no better way than to visit an island spa with your love. A couple’s massage can be an intimate experience, especially when it involves some wine! The Sandbox Tree Spa at Port Ferdinand is perfect for couples who wish to unwind and nourish their minds and bodies in tranquil, island surroundings. Your body and your partner will love you for it.

Ready to start planning your romantic getaway to Barbados? Book your stay at Port Ferdinand, which offers world-class amenities and services and is ideal for a couple’s retreat and we would be happy to assist you with your planning.