Planning your summer trip to Barbados? We know that sometimes it can be tricky when packing to go to another country, so Port Ferdinand has made a list of some of the things you should definitely have on your Barbados getaway.

Essential Documents

As is the norm with all travel, be sure to pack your passport. If you happen to forget anything else, do not forget your passport! Your passport along with hotel information and your plane ticket should be the first things to go into your bag. Although hotel information and plane tickets are usually electronic, it is handy to have these printed in the event of any mishaps. Don’t forget to make copies!

Essential Clothing & Shoes

Barbados is a sunny paradise almost every day with some showers of rain in between. So you should expect warm, windy weather and pack accordingly. Some ideal fabrics include cotton, linen and chiffon. Throw in a couple pairs of shorts for casual days and try to avoid dark colours which absorb heat. Don’t forget to check out the dress codes for some of the restaurants you want to dine at and include some elegant outfits for these outings.

The best footwear would include sandals, flip flops and flats. For your elegant dining include heels or loafers and if you plan to do any outdoor activities, a pair of sneakers would be useful.

Essential Swimwear

You can’t possibly travel to Barbados and not take a dip in one of the many beautiful beaches on the island. There is no doubt that many of your days will be spent soaking up the sunshine. Be sure to travel with more that one swimsuit or swim trunks so that you will always have a clean one which you can use. Barbados is still a relatively conservative island, so be sure to pack cover ups to wear over your swimwear when you are venturing off the beach. If your hotel has a pool, this same swimwear would also come in handy for lazy days around the pool.

Essential Toiletries

Pack all necessary medication and some allergy medicine along with your toiletries. Be sure to pack sunscreen for your beach and pool days – the sun is lovely but sunburn isn’t! Insect repellent is also a must-have in case of mosquitoes.

Although there are many supermarkets and stores where you can purchase items such as toothpaste, toothbrushes and soap, you might choose to bring your own toiletries for less hassle when you arrive.

Don’t Bring It

If you own anything with the camouflage design, leave it in your closet. Camouflage is illegal in Barbados and you are only allowed to wear it if you are in the army and it’s a part of your military uniform. Also, you might want to leave any leather or heavy materials because it’s too warm for these materials.

Now that you know exactly what you should and shouldn’t pack, book your stay at Port Ferdinand and get ready to soak up the sunshine.